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Artist Spotlight

Wacom Familia


Tan Zi Xi

@messymsxi - Illustrator

"It was fuss-free when working on the colour adjustment during the creative process. With the ExpressKeys, I was able to customise every button according to the preferences of my work flow."

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Iera Hady

@ierahady - Fashion Designer

“Wacom has always been a part of my growing process towards succession.”

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Sandara Tang

@art_of_sandara - Illustrator

"The Wacom tablet is an excellent, industry standard tool. Hasn't let me down so far."

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Happy Navarro

@Stonyfingers - Painter/Mural artist

“The Wacom one has been a great tool for helping me create painting references and mural artworks for my clients.”

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Vik Caedo

@vikcaedo_art - Concept Artist/ Illustrator 

"It has always been my dream to own a Wacom since I was in school. And it has been one of my best investments so far.

Fall in love with the process and not the outcome."

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Nick Automatic.png

Nicolo Nimor

@nckatmtc - Illustrator

"Every Stroke you make on the Anti-Glare Screen gives you that realistic sensation of pen on paper. Now, it gives me excitement knowing that my vision will turn to life effortlessly."

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@prayergirl - Webtoon Creator

"Having a great tools will improve your workflow."

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Pichaya Osothcharoenpol

@nussdaydream - Designer/Illustrator

"Blend passion with persistence, and let your creativity be your compass"

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