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Why We Create, Ep. 12, Wacom CEO Nobu Ide on Creative Chaos and Connected Ink

Who doesn’t love a good festival, sprinkled with a dash of inspiration, education and of course some Creative Chaos. For this episode of ‘Why We Create’ we’re discussing all things creative chaos and Connected Ink.

To give season one a proper send off, we figured who better than to speak with but Wacom’s own CEO, Nobu. And what better subject to discuss than Connected Ink, a project near and dear to his heart.

Connected Ink is a 24 hour hybrid (virtual and select in-person events) happening on November 16th -17th.

Head over to register and sign up for the newsletter here: CONNECTEDINK.WACOM.COM

The theme this year is (you guessed it) Creative Chaos and our colleagues around the globe at Wacom are pulling together some amazing activations, discussions and workshops. We hope you enjoy this inside look at what Connected Ink is and what makes it so amazing.

We also want to thank each and every one of you for helping make season one so amazing. We appreciate you taking the time to listen to the show and look forward to sharing more amazing BTS conversations in season two and beyond.

For more info on Satoru Kobayashi check out these sites:

Heralbony Artist Profile

Satoru Kobayashi story on Connected Ink

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