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Wacom tablets in tandem with Explain Everything online whiteboard

Don’t let anything limit your creativity. If you love to draw and you need the best online whiteboard on the market, check out Explain Everything with Wacom tablets and pen displays. Together, you can explore the full creative potential of a recordable whiteboard while working on your PC or Mac!

Who will benefit from this partnership? Explain Everything online whiteboard with Wacom Intuos or One tablets are the ideal platform for:

  • Comics creators

  • Animators

  • Visual facilitators

  • Tutors

  • Artists and Cultural Animators

  • Designers

  • Instructors

  • Business Analysts and Consultants

  • Scrum Masters

  • Teachers and Students

Take a look at this example of what you can do with Explain Everything:

Effortless drawing, scribbling and handwriting

PC and Mac Explain Everything users who’d love to have similar experience to those who use mobile devices with pens can have just that with Wacom’s Penabled Technology. Any sketchnoting enthusiast can take advantage of such integration and go with the pencil flow. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a drawing amateur working in sales or a Scrum Master who wants to make their training exceptional, Explain Everything’s online whiteboard and Wacom tablets can help you fulfill all of your artistic ambitions.

Whiteboard for creatives

Explain Everything online whiteboard is great in everyday use: to collaborate at school or at work, create a content-packed presentation, or bring static images to life. However, with Wacom Intuos and One, you don’t have to limit your creativity and skills. If you’re a creative looking for just one platform offering extensive possibilities, this is the one.

It would take thousands upon thousands of words to describe all of Explain Everything’s functionalities, so here’s a little selection of highlights for creative minds:

  • Recording your voice while drawing, typing and moving stuff around.

  • Infinite canvas and background options.

  • Rich variety of creative tools.

  • Infinite colors and color options.

  • Wide drawing options.

  • Adding media.

  • Editing and arranging objects.

  • Transforming objects.

Explore the full list of Explain Everything tools. And take a look at how you can go with it all:

Interact with your doodles dynamically

With Wacom Intuos and One tablets you can truly explore all the depths of what Explain Everything has to offer. The main functionality that you’ll be able to enjoy to the fullest, and one that’s not especially easy when working with a standard mouse and touchpad device, is drawing. But sketching alone is nothing extraordinary –– any whiteboard gives you that possibility. How about recording everything that you draw and transforming it into a simple animation? That’s something you can only do with Explain Everything.

“This partnership allows us to bring an excellent experience to everyone using Explain Everything on PCs or Macs in their workflow. The precision and convenience of Wacom devices unlocks the full potential of working with So, w whiteboard and help users better present their creative ideas, both through recordings and real-time collaboration.” – says Piotr Sliwinski, co-founder and VP of Innovation at Explain Everything.

Take a look at how you can use Explain Everything in tandem with Wacom Intuos or One tablets:

Already have a new Wacom tablet?

All new customers who purchase new Wacom Intuos or One tablets will get a free 3-month Explain Everything trial. To get yours, simply log in to your Wacom account and find your Explain Everything CODE. Learn how to redeem a code to get your Explain Everything free license.

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