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The power of visual communication with Tim May

In July, Tim May delivered an excellent webinar in collaboration with Wacom: Creative Visual Communication Skills That Unlock Engagement.

In this webinar Tim May, an exceptionally talented, Wacom-wielding digital communication expert, explored how to use a Wacom device to unlock engagement from an unengaged or remote audience.

Whether you’re a teacher, an artist, or a business professional, you’ll discover that by making just a few small tweaks to the way you communicate, you can create more successful and productive interactions – both in-person and online. The recording is below, as well as a detailed overview of the ideas and strategies covered.

Want to learn more?

If you’ve watched the presentation and want to go deeper into building your visual communication skills, XPLANE is an incredible resource. Their website is full of toolkits, explainers, and other materials — or reach out to them directly if you’re ready to take yourself, or your organization, to the next level!

For access to the Q&A that Tim shared after the webinar, and links to a variety of other visual communication resources, click here.

Want to learn how Wacom products and implementation strategies could work for your business? Contact us today to speak with a Wacom specialist.

Meet the Presenter:

Tim May is the Creative Director at XPLANE, a design consultancy and change agency in Portland, Oregon, that helps organizations and people improve through a focus on visual communication, visual thinking, and human-centered design.

For over 20 years, Tim has been using his digital art and communication skills to help accelerate people and organizations through the change process, and at the heart of it, improve people’s work life. Tim has a passion for helping others improve their visual communication and storytelling skills, and his techniques are a perfect fit for today’s modern workplace environment. He is a graduate of the University of Utah and studied painting at the University of Bonn in Germany.

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