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Creative Based Cloud Computing – Equipping Artists to Work Remotely

By Joe Sliger

Virtual machines and remote computing used to only perform well enough for data crunching and office applications. Now anyone can accesses these machines, with virtually unlimited power and create with their Wacom Cintiq Pro or Intuos Pro tablets. Teradici, NVIDIA and Wacom have teamed up to ensure that artists can work with the latest technology and have an “as local” experience. Just about any configuration is available, so if Intellectual Property is a concern, you can store your data wherever it makes you comfortable, and still use the insane processing power, with the most efficient transport protocols, while creating on the most intuitive and powerful creative tools on the market, all without sacrificing performance. This changes everything.

Teradici’s Cloud Access Software, powered by PCoIP, can connect you to Cloud computers that run the very latest NVIDIA GPUs with NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation software, at a price similar to the cost power, interest and maintenance of today’s top end PCs. The big difference is when newer/better technology hits the street, you just upgrade your cloud workstations and keep using Teradici Cloud Access Software to connect to the compute and resources you need. Wacom has been working with our partners for a seamless interaction with our creative professionals.

Learn more about Wacom for Creative Enterprise and how we can support your remote artists. Click here

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